In the Summer of 2003 I began to receive
a Teaching from a Being
(I called 'My Landscape Angel)
He said his name was U R I el.
He first spoke to me while I was sitting on this
bench at the back of our property. We had
planted a concentric circular garden there the
year before and this spot held a lot of energy
for me in my daily walks and meditations.
He, U R I of God,
told me that this was a Labyrinth and that I
should be walking it.
He said that if I built it
He would give me a Teaching
that I should share with others.
I did not know what a Labyrinth was at that
time and rushed inside to look it up on the
internet.  Well the Teaching He gave me was
very different from what I found on line.
Since then I have been urged to share this again
with all who are interested.  
It started with 9 stones arranged on the
North/South/East/West directions on the
compass and as you can see in the picture Harry
was the one that figured it out and physically
mapped it on the ground.  I did find the pattern
below on line and found it fascinating to draw
over and over again.
The Teaching on
page 2 is
exactly how I received it!
We did have a party and shared the Labyrinth on
the Harmonic Concordance November 2003, that
was a Full Moon Eclipse that night.
At that time everyone who attended the party
drew Labyrinths and you will see some of them on
Page 2.  Have fun!
Love, light, peace
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