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OMG.  Is this for real?  Yikes, Yod, Yowser, Wowser, Nowser!  Over the top?  My cup
runneth over.  Are we seeking for love in all the wrong places?  We have the titillating
temptations and terrifying transitions of two t-squares yoding a flying finger of fate with
a Full Moon eclipse (a full plate, bon appetit) to boot our emotional programing.  What
is our fall back mode?  Is it dispirited illusionment, dismal disappointment, disaffected
disagreement, disconnected discomposure, disconsolate discouragement, despairing
despondency, despising depression or desirous dissatisfaction etc. and on and on.  But
“I” digresses.  Eat, drink and be merry.  The kingdom of god is at hand.  HaHa.  It’s been
here all along.  Where have you been?  Where do we begin in eternity?  We are light
beings having a human experience.  E=MC squared.  The unity of the light of love is our
source.  An eclipse symbolizes the, our, light being blocked, obscuring the light of truth.  
Darkness, perhaps reflected in the dark night of the soul.  Being separated from our
source.  Oh no!  Not here!  Not now!  Wow!  How can this be?  How can we accept this
and that when it doesn’t live up to our expectations?  Surrender egoic control.  Turn it
over to the Holy Spirit.  Be in the awareness of loves presence here and now.  
The Full Moon August 18, 2016 at 4:27 am EDT begins an extended Eclipse season, as
there are three eclipses in this next month.  This Full Moon Eclipse August 18th and a
New Moon Eclipse on September 1st and another Full Moon Eclipse on September 16th.  
This is a slightly rare occurrence that takes place about every 7 – 10 years.  So it brings
an intense lunar season that is initiated by this first Full Moon Eclipse at 25 Aquarius 52
opposing the Sun at 25 Leo 52 pitting these two opposing signs in a strong struggle for
balance of individual freedoms and egoic dominations.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus the
planet of change and chaos which is now at 25 Aries in a trine to the FMEC Sun and
sextile the FMEC Moon bringing many innovative ideas and new trends with
unconventional approaches that seek outcomes that are good for everyone.  Aquarius is
having us back off and open a larger worldview and identify with humankind in our
interest in others.  This eclipse brings excitement, surprises, revitalizing experiences to
the area of your life that it falls into (house in your natal chart).  A feeling of release and
freedom and openness to new, groups friends and community.  The negative side brings
fear of involvement, inflexible opinions that may be challenged with erratic or shocking
behavior.  Also, Uranus sextile the Full Moon Eclipse is a foundation or base for a
configuration called a Yod (means finger of fate in Hebrew) as both the Moon and
Uranus make 150 degree angles called inconjuncts, to Mercury and Jupiter at the apex.  
Funneling this energy into an extreme expression of verbal hyperbole and propaganda
or marketing of ideas that are extremely separative.  Mercury conjunct Jupiter is also in
an opposition to Chiron at 24 Pisces (the September 16 eclipse point) and could bring
challenges to heal through unity and new visions of opening to Oneness.  Healing the
connection to all through the recognition that “minds are joined”.
I have yet to speak about the two t-squares also presenting in this Full Moon Eclipse
chart.  Mars is conjunct Saturn at 6 and 9 degrees of Sagittarius both squaring Venus 15
Virgo opposition Neptune 11 Pisces.  The ongoing Saturn square to Neptune is
challenging us to open to new visions and new realizations of our unity and oneness.  
This square now triggered by Mars is bringing out the spiritual warriors, especially
women (Venus) to take leadership for this new vision.  Mars/Saturn energy makes a new
beginning, a conjunction, for challenging the legal freedoms of all beings.  This energy
combined with the intense and extended Eclipse season is bound to affect all of us at
some point in our charts.  I am offering a reading for the Eclipses good through
September 30, 2016 to look at where and how these three eclipses effect you
personally.  The reduced reading price is $75.00.  I will record and send by email the mp3
file.  Email me your birth data and we can make an appointment.  Email
The Sabian Symbols interpretation below is taken from Sabian Symbols: A Screen of
Prophecy by Diana E. Roche.
AQUARIUS 27 - An ancient pottery bowl filled with violets.  
THEME:  Anchorage. This symbol speaks to man’s need for roots or security in his life,
and to those things that represent stability and permanence. The image of an ancient
pottery bowl filled with violets symbolizes the ability of all things that hold great
meaning and significance to last or survive. The delicate violets symbolize sensitivity,
refinement, faithfulness, the soul, and spiritual or aesthetic values. The Pottery bowl or
container symbolizes structure and cultural values. The suggestion here is that although
on the surface of things life constantly changes, men will continue to comfort and
sustain themselves in the traditions and rituals that celebrate all they hold dear.
Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents a special talent for inspiring others by
effectively living their highest ideals. Negative: Compulsive adherence to established
rules and procedures, or an unimaginative preference for living life in a safe and
predictable rut.
During this Full Moon Eclipse: The accent is on sentiment and assurance. you may find
yourself reminiscing over little mementos or treasured keepsakes from the past.  Your
greatest advantage lies in focusing on the meaning of things rather than on the things
themselves. Look for the unexpected and special opportunities created when things
don't go as planned.  Guard against trying to control everything in your life by insisting
that everything be done exactly the same way-every time. Learn to go with the flow and
enjoy yourself.  
KEYWORDS:  Inspiration, assurance, tradition, legacy, custom, culture, aesthetic values,
stability, continuance, anchorage, significance, nostalgia, faithfulness, memory,
LEO 27 Daybreak.
THEME: New Beginnings. This symbol speaks to the dawn of new hope and to the fact
that no situation or condition lasts forever. The image of daybreak offers symbolic
assurance that no matter how chaotic or painful life can get there will always be a new
day, a better tomorrow and fresh opportunities. The emphasis here is on the necessity
that individuals learn to understand the cycles in their lives as well as their place in
them. On a practical level, this degree can represent a secret revealed, something hidden
coming to light or the end of a long period of mourning or depression. Positive: At its
highest, this symbol represents the continual unfolding of the meaning of life and
significance of experience through the process of cyclic repetition at new and higher
levels. Negative:  Persistent dissatisfaction with any present moment and a firm belief
that happiness is something only others find.  
During this Full Moon Eclipse: The accent is on new beginnings. Forgiveness and second
chances bring hope and encouragement.  Your greatest advantage lies in being willing to
accept change and close the door to the Past.  Find the meaning in your experiences and
move on.  Guard against harboring grudges or bringing the worst of the past into any
present situation. Let go of whatever is holding you back or preventing you from getting
on with your life.
KEYWORDS: New beginning, hope, fresh start, commencement, genesis, inception,
appearance, birth, infancy, advent, emergence, initiation, inauguration, debut,
resurgence, Potential, cycles of change.
Love and Blessings
June & Mr. Maybe

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New Moon Eclipse is on Thursday September 1, 2016

AAAHHH!  Easy does it.  Venus has moved into Libra.  Mars is moving away from
Saturn and the Finger of Fate has flown the coop.  We have a Solar Eclipse in
Virgo triggering the on-going Saturn/Neptune square forming yet another turbulent
t-square.  If this touches aspects in our natal charts it could titillate our insecurities
and fears.  Pain and suffering has a function and from a certain perspective a
purpose which is to awaken us from the illusion of our specialness and separation
from all that is.  Virgo is about purification and healing.  Analyzing and criticizing
the insanity of the system and egoic thought forms won’t do it.  Healing happens
when we let go of our attachment to the thinking of the monkey mind and
reconnect to our souls purpose in the unity of the Holy Spirit.  Be the phoenix that
rises from the ashes.  The New Moon Eclipse is on Thursday September 1, 2016
at 5:03 am EDT.  In a chart set for Washington, DC the moon/sun conjunction
takes place at 9 Virgo 21 and is opposing Neptune at 11 Pisces and with both
ends of this opposition squaring Saturn at 10 Sagittarius conjunct Mars at 15
Sagittarius, creating a powerful t-square of discordant energy.  The Virgo New
Moon Eclipse is time for new beginnings with physical health/diet/exercise, your
daily routine, job/work and creating order maybe through efficient organizing of
this area of your life.  The opposition to Neptune may cause some confusion or
lack of clarity of needs and demands critical thinking, focus and discernment.  
Saturn conjunct Mars is the fulcrum point, or maybe the breaking point.  This
energy demands full attention to new visions, new perceptions and action to make
things happen.  Swinging to the very, very positive of this aspect it can bring a
willingness to adapt to new goals and objectives. With purity of intent and
reaching for a higher more conscientiousness approach to bringing order out of
the chaos of the last Full Moon Eclipse August 18,2016.  This may bring a window
that looks out on the ability to see how all the pieces fit together and a plan to
enact to put it in order.  
Jupiter is at 28 Virgo also conjunct Mercury at 29 Virgo, and Mercury stations
retrograde on August 30th through September 22nd, keeping close to Jupiter until
September 12th when Jupiter moves into Libra.  This conjunction is expanding
ideas for how we can be helpful and serve others.  Communications and travel
may have some difficulties during this time and it is a good time to back up all
your computers.  
Venus went into Libra on August 30th the sign of her rulership and may bring
news of new peace negotiations.   Harmony, balance, peace and tranquility are
foremost of the energies with Venus in this sign.  Very strong feminine energy for
creativity, art and fashion.
The Sabian Symbol interpretation below was taken from a Sabian Symbols: A
Screen of Prophecy by Diana E Roche.
Virgo 10 Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows.
THEME:  Objectivity. This symbol speaks to transcendental comprehension, or
the ability to see above and beyond superficial appearances and understand the
higher significance and meaning of things and events. The image of two heads
looking out and beyond the shadows alludes to stereoscopic vision, or looking at
things from two points of view and combining the images perceived in order to get
the effect of solidarity and depth.  It also implies looking at things objectively, or
using scientific reason to integrate various concepts and ideas and formulate
basic principles for effective and productive living. Positive: At its highest, this
symbol represents the ability to see both sides of an issue and a special gift for
creating harmony out of chaos by helping others find common or shared values
and goals. Negative: A self-divided within or distorted perceptions and a tendency
to filter facts and information through personal feelings and prejudices.  
During the next 14 days of this New Moon Eclipse the accent is on perspective.
Things that have been foggy or obscure should become clearer. A compromise or
meeting of the minds on some sharply divided issue is likely.  Your greatest
advantage lies in looking at things from both sides. Ask others for their opinions
and weigh your options before making an important decision.  Guard against
getting yourself into a no-win situation by refusing to look at things from the other
fellow's point of view, or refusing to negotiate.  Don’t look to far afield for an
answer that might be right under your nose.
KEYWORDS:  Perspective, perception, comprehension, balance, objectivity,
seeing both sides of an issue, three-dimensional thinking, precognition,
clairvoyance, duality, duplication, double vision, marriage of the minds, agreement.
Love and Blessings
June & Mr Maybe
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New and Full Moon Eclipses
in the natal houses....
Watt’s up doc?  Are we feeling a little discompooperated?  WOW, Whoa, wounded
warriors out the wazoo.  Can you hear the call to heal thy “self”?  “What a long strange
trip it’s been.”  If you are reading this, you’ve survived the eclipses.  The last eclipse and
the tribulating t-squares triggered our stelliumns of Virgo planets.  Boy were we in for a
wild ride even after both of our vehicles broke down at the same time.  One with
mysterious erratic seemingly inexplicable electrical issues.  It seemed as though some
strange spirit had possessed the vehicle, sending serendipitous signals from another
demension:  some occurring while the key wasn’t in the ignition! Then we had a small
tornado swirl through our home spewing everything that was not nailed down within the
reach of a one-year-old.  Our home is not child proof.  I could go on and on but you get
the picture.  Chaos and crisis in action.  Of course all this is tangential to the underlying
issue of resisting what is.  Is it fear of loss? Are we fearful for our sense of safety,
security and survival?  Are we seeking satisfaction where it can’t be found, in the illusion
of separation?  But that was then and this is now.  We go through the darkness into the
light.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Are we ready to come up for a breath of
the light of love?  
The New Moon September 30, 2016 at 8:11 pm EDT falls on 8 Libra 15 conjunct Jupiter
at 4 Libra 42 and hopefully establishes a fulcrum point or balance from all the extremes
we have been experiencing with the extended eclipse season from August 18th through
now.  Find your center.  Open your heart.  Libra is relationships with the “other”.  Strong
positive Liberian energy begins to bring in awareness of “others” and harmony,
teamwork, partnership, sociability and diplomacy, even up grading our negotiation tactics
and skills, with a realization of our interdependence and appreciation of all points of
view.  Our root these next 14 days is in getting along with others, being compassionate,
companionable and diplomatic.  Libra brings out our good taste, grace, elegance and
cooperation.  It has been said that the “other” is hell.  But that is a patriarchal old
testament ideology.  It’s time to go beyond that perspective into a new era, a new
dimension of expanded awareness.  Heaven and Hell are a reflection of our state of
consciousness.  We are free to see.  When we see the “other” as our Self the only
appropriate response is love, compassion, caring and sharing.  Jupiter with this Libra
New Moon makes us have a strong sense for justice, equality, supportive relationships
and team identity rather than individual rebelliousness.  The square to Pluto at 14
Capricorn which just turned direct with Mercury is the catalyst for changes in the
justice or law enforcement systems and a time for peaceful protests and agreements to
bring those changes about in our communities.  Mercury will not come out of its shadow
till Oct 8 -9 when it conjuncts Jupiter, and Mars will be in Capricorn conjunct Pluto.  The
first square of this New Moon takes place with the Moon conjuncting Mars/Pluto.  
Tempers may come to a head like a volcano and erupt.  These are the hot spot days of
this New Moon energy.  
Plant peace, harmony, forgiveness and acceptance in all your relationships now so that we
can remain above the battle ground and see the whole picture for peace in our future.  
Be “grounded in the earth, centered in the heart, open and receiving the light of love”.  
Tune in, turn on, ohm out!  Be in the current of the light of love.  
The interpretation for the Sabian Symbol below was taken from Diana E. Roche’s book
Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy.
LIBRA 9 Three old masters hanging in an art gallery.
THEME: Self-Integration. This symbol speaks to man's capacity to understand his world
and the universe through his own personal experience. The image of three old masters
hanging in an art gallery alludes to the three souls in Plato's scheme -  mind or intellect,
feeling or emotion, and habit or instinct. The three paintings hang together as a set or
unified creative expression. The suggestion here is that the fulfillment of all individual
potential is achieved through effective self-integration or the harmonious blending and
cooperative functioning of mind, body and spirit. The masters symbolize the past and our
heritage. The implication is that we are irrevocably linked to Source and our roots, and
that by standing on the shoulders of the giants who came before us we revitalize that
heritage and carry it forward with our own individual accomplishments. Positive: At its
highest, this symbol represents a special gift for healing conflict and dissension, and for
bringing diverse people together in harmony by emphasizing mutual goals and objectives.
Negative:  Refusal to let go of outworn habits and traditions or selfish insistence on
having one's own way even at the expense of sacrificing the good of the whole or the
best interest of the group.  
During this New Moon Cycle the accent is on learning how to get along with others and
solve your own problems.  Your greatest advantage lies in recognizing that there can be
more than one winner, and being willing to share the limelight with others.  Guard against
trying to be a crowd pleaser or basing your decisions on your opinion of how things have
always been done. You could be wrong or the technique may not work in this particular
KEYWORDS: Unity, affinity, compatibility, relationship, harmony, integration, heritage,
the past, excellence, creative expression, fine arts, values, appreciation of excellence.
Love and Blessings
June & Mr Maybe
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OMG.  WTF.  Can you feel the fire of Full Moon madness?  Does it feel like we
have jumped from the frying pan into the fire?  Can you feel the strain of the
pain?  Fortunately, our tolerance for pain isn’t limitless.  We can use our pain and
suffering as motivation to heal, to seek salvation, to surrender the selfishness of
egoic thought forms.  Be the phoenix that rises from the ashes.  
There is a Full Moon on October 16, 2016 at 0:23 am EDT and falls with the
Moon at 23 Aries 14 conjunct Uranus at 22 Aries 26 both opposing the Sun at 23
Libra 14 conjunct Mercury at 15 Libra 53.  Both ends of this opposition are
squaring Pluto at 15 Capricorn 01 with transiting Mars conjoining Pluto on October
18th and 19th triggering this T-square into action.  Oh the trials and tribulations
of t-squares!  The Full Moon in Aries is strong energy and emphasis on initiating
and taking action in innovative ways.  This can bring impulsiveness and taking
risks.  It can be a positive energy for self-direction, leadership and courage or
boldness.  Guard against impulsive action that alienates others or taken with lack
of awareness of others involved.  Impatience, anger and vanity could be behind
reckless actions.  The Pluto/Mars conjunction in Capricorn may challenge our
sense of security; physically, financially and emotionally.  This can be very
transformative when we realize we have the power to change.  It’s time to face
our negative feelings, emotions, desires, motives, insecurities and fears.  We can
unmask the illusion of separation through awareness.  
There is also another T-square with Saturn at 13 Sagittarius squaring the Nodes
with Neptune conjunct the South Node at 10 Pisces.  This is a time to focus
awareness on our limiting belief systems and our self-concepts of separation.    
This brings many karmic situations to a head to be resolved in human
consciousness.  Needless to say this usually involves pain and suffering for many.  
Forgiveness cuts karma quickest.  This shifts guilt, blame, grievances and
intolerance toward a more compassionate, acceptance of “others”.  So that we
can be in service to “others” in the extension of Love.   This is Self-love since
ultimately we are all one.  Get centered, open your heart and wake up to an
awareness of loves presence.
The interpretations below are taken from Sabian Symbols: A Screen of
Prophecy by Diana E. Roche.
ARIES 24 An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia.  
THEME: Reciprocity. This symbol speaks to the extraordinary gifts of life that
come to the individual who generously gives of the fullness of himself without
thought of return. The image of an open window symbolizes openness to new
experience.  The net curtain blowing into a cornucopia dramatizes the world's
enthusiastic response to this openness in the form of prosperity and opportunity.
In his 1953 commentary, Marc Jones described this symbol in terms of the
continued outer manifestation of what at times may seem to be an unmerited
good fortune, and he explained that this apparent phenomenon is more of a joyful
tipping of the hats between an individual and the cosmos. The focus here is on the
richness of life available to those individuals who welcome all experience for the
value to be gained from it.  Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents a lack
of inhibition, friendliness and good fortune created through positive
expectations. Negative: Self-serving generosity.  
During this Full Moon Cycle: The accent is on lavishness, abundance and
unexpected gifts of all kinds.  Your greatest advantage lies in being generous.  
Cast your bread upon the waters.  Think positively.  Expect the best and you'll
get it.   Guard against being cavalier or flaunting your possessions in front of
those who are less fortunate.
Keywords: Abundance, prosperity, bounty, charity, generosity, gifts, good
fortunate, benevolence, philanthropy.
LIBRA 24 A third wing on the left side of a butterfly.  
THEME:  Uniqueness.  This symbol speaks to the fact that there is unlimited
potential in man and his world.  When an individual respects and capitalizes on his
own uniqueness, and is sensitive to every opportunity that presents itself, then
there is no limit to what he can achieve.  The image of a third wing on the left
side of a butterfly is a powerful symbol of originality, extraordinary
differentiation and distinctiveness.  Here is a plussage that rises above the
ordinary.  The suggestion here is that every mutation, aberration or deviation
from the norm has its own special contribution to make to experience.  Positive:
At its highest this symbol represents creativity, uniqueness and a special genius
for recognizing the latent opportunity in even the most seemingly unpromising or
hopeless situation.  Negative: Obsession with the bizarre and abnormal or an
inability to recognize the true value of things.  
During this Full Moon Cycle: The accent is on things that are unique or one of a
kind.  Something that may appear to be defective, at first glance, may turn out
to be extremely valuable.  Your greatest advantage lies in' capitalizing on
peculiarities.  Identify what makes a thing different and use that feature to
create an attractive asset.  Guard against rejecting things that don't measure up
to your standards of perfection.  On the other hand, don't overvalue a thing on
the simple basis of its rarity.  
KEYWORDS: Unique, original, distinctive, different, exceptional, remarkable,
extraordinary, peculiar, anomalous, mutant, aberrant, deviant.
Love and Blessings
June & Mr Maybe
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Full Moon November 14, 2016

Can you Feel the pull of the Moon, emotions, drama, trauma, chaos, confusion,
crisis and insecurity?  Wanting the comfort of having the power of controlling
what is, unfolding before our very eyes, a vision of our consciousness of truth?  
“Holy crap on a cracker!”  Shock and Awe.  “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to
be a bumpy night.”  Welcome to the surrealism of bizarro world.  “Christians” for
Caligula trumpeting the caliginous calamity of the apocalypse.  Ironic?  Ha Ha.  If
the elections haven’t put the fear of god in you, it was probably already in you.  
What is the rational of thinking that a viper will drain the swamp of the united
snakes of America?  “This is a strange repose, to be asleep with eyes wide
open; standing, speaking, moving, and yet so fast asleep.”  “Forgive them for
they know not what they do.”  If the farce of fascism frightens you, you might
want to consider immigration before they build the wall.  But “Where ever you go
there you are.”  “Be thankful you are living, drink up and go home.”  Or rather,
wake up and go home.  Deal with it.  The Medusa of fear is a strange beast.  
“When you are strange.” (the door is open.)  It can express in many forms;
ignorance, repression, suppression, aversion, condemnation, grievances,
anger, aggression, frustration, unworthiness, insecurity, shame, seclusion, etc.
and ultimately the illusion of separation.  The manifold manifestations of dark
emotional energy seeking release from suffering.  Seeking the light.  “Resist not
evil.”  Resistance binds us to it.  Awareness.  Forgiveness.  Acceptance.  
Compassion.  No need to “row, row, row your boat”.  Love will take us to the
other shore.  Love trumps the trumpery of hate.  Awaken to an awareness of
loves presence.  Be bullish for Self-Love, loving all that is, “Be”cause it is you!  
The Full Moon November 14, 2016 is an explosion of light with the Moon at 22
Tarsus 37 opposing the Sun at 22 Scorpio 37.  This is the exaltation of the Moon
in Tarsus which is what we value, our money, possessions and material
comforts.  Time to be aware of our personal needs and boundaries, where we
have been resistant to change, been possessive, holding on to dogmatic
opinions.  Can we stand our ground without digging our heels in and being
stubborn?  Persist to progress step by step.   Right now, our patience,
trustworthiness and self-worth is being tested.  Review your personal values.  
How do you use or value your resources?  Maybe consider a gratitude list of all
the simple pleasures in life that bring you satisfaction and contentment.  
Three planets have newly changed signs just before this Full Moon.  First Mars
went into Aquarius November 9th and will be in this sign for the next six weeks.  
Mars in Aquarius is looking for a cause to jump into, to fight for and usually with
a group.  Mars in Aquarius is that group energy good or bad that causes us to
fight against injustice and intolerance.  Then Venus went into Capricorn on
November 12th.  Venus is how we satisfy our love and belongness needs, and
Venus is Capricorn is looking for a stable financial future and could challenge us
as we tally our values and possessions to draw those things closer to our hearts
and family.  Investments in a new home or property could trigger real estate
trends to sky rocket as some look for surer more secure investments for their
future.  Mercury moved into Sagittarius also on November 12th, out of the
Scorpio fixed mindedness and into this expansive sign.  This may bring a new
perception of how things will work out for the future.  Shifting into more equality
and less intolerance.  Legal matters and courts of law are in the media now and
seem to bring discussions that open new ideas to solve old problems. Take
advantage of this transit as it is a good time to expand your mind and learn.  
Travel and communications are good ways to get a new vision or perspective on
your life.
Jupiter in Libra and will make a square to Pluto in Capricorn November 22-29.  
This aspect has all the power of bringing truth out in the open.  Can be a big shift
as power seeks a new level of expression in the earth.  Watch that you don’t take
on too much during this period as you may not be able to deliver.  Struggles over
resources may bring out the greed in some.
Neptune in Pisces is still sitting on the Moon’s south node at 9 Pisces.  This is a
karmic transformer and is key to bringing a new vision to those that are ready
for this powerful healing.  Stretching into the deep recesses of our subconscious
to bring all the blocks to love to the surface for each of us in differing emotional
situations so we can recognize our messengers for healing.  Pay attention,
forgive, love!  We are free to choose enlightenment or ignorance, illumination or
The Sabian Symbol interpretation below is taken from Sabian Symbols: A Screen
of Prophecy by Diana E. Roche
Taurus 23:  A jewelry shop.
THEME; All that Glitters. This symbol speaks to practical or material values, and
to man's desire to own and possess those things that affirm or validate his
personal concept of who he is. The image of a jewelry shop full of precious gems
and minerals emphasizes luxury, wealth and beauty.  Jewelry is used to
commemorate special everts such as engagements, coronations, graduations
and weddings. Thus, it alludes to achievement, accomplishment and special
status. It also symbolizes aspiration, romance and reward. Positive: At its
highest, this symbol represents wealth, as a lower sign of a higher mastery of
values, and a unique talent for creating beauty through imaginative
enhancements of the ordinary. Negative:  Greed and materialism or bad taste
and gaudy over adornment.  
The accent is on possessions. You may be tempted to overspend or be
extravagant with your resources. A change in status is indicated.  Your greatest
advantage lies in focusing on quality. Work for and expect the best that can be
achieved.  Guard against excess or losing something of value by taking more
than you need or going overboard in some direction. Don't bite off more than you
can chew.  
Keywords: Luxury, wealth, beauty, values, reward, elegance, lavishness,
extravagance, splendor

Scorpio 23:  A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy.
THEME: The Magic of Imagination.  This symbol speaks to creativity,
imagination, and personal meanings. The image of a bunny metamorphosed into
a fairy suggests enchantment, magic and the transformation of reality through
super natural powers of the mind.  Implicit in this symbol is the ability of every
individual to enhance his enjoyment of life by changing the way he views the
world in which he lives. Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents personal
growth and development through the power of positive thinking and creative
visualization.  Negative: Dissociation or escape from reality through unhealthy
fantasies and delusions.
The accent is on transformation and change. You could be shocked or surprised
by something that happens now.  Your greatest advantage lies in looking for the
highest and best in others. Find the hidden promise in all things and nurture it.
Think in terms of possibilities.  Guard against preferring bizarre or fantastic
explanations over a truth you're afraid to face. Confront your fears and deal with
Keywords: Transformation, enchantment, magic, trickery, change, conversion,
flux, alteration, transmutation.

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New Moon 7 Sagittarius 42

“Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes.”  What do we want to see?  Is it “Me” as “We” eternally or a limiting
narcissistic conceptualization of the self as “me” “me” “me”?  Are we willing to see
differently?  Do we want the clarity, power, wisdom and truth of the consciousness of unity?  
“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”  “Follow your bliss.”  Let’s expand our
consciousness beyond the illusion of separation.  
New Moon November 29, 2016 at 7:18 am EST falls at 7 Sagittarius 42 with the Moon
conjunct the Sun and Mercury at 25 Sagittarius conjunct Saturn at 18 Sagittarius completing
this stelliumn of Sagittarius energy.  The New Moon is square the Nodes and Neptune at 9
Pisces and is challenging us to look at our abstract concepts of religions and spirituality.  
This is an energy that looks for new solutions on our quest for Truth and peace of mind.  
Old karma is being let go of and a restoration of prayer, higher guidance and direct
communication with All That Is.  Connections to nature and exploration for positive
expectations for finding solutions and new reverence for our precious resources.  Seeking
answers through new conscience ethics and legal proceedings that curbs extravagance and
excessive over use of our Mothers resources.  
There is another t-square in this chart that will be on going through March and August of
2017.  Jupiter at 17 Libra is opposing Uranus at 20 Aries and both planets are squaring
Pluto at 16 Capricorn.  This Uranus/Pluto square brings changes in society and big
businesses can be grass roots revolutions that spring up and triggered by Jupiter is
expanding our attempts to bring a generous spirit into tolerance for others philosophies and
ideologies and an open and frank discussion of these beliefs.  Mars at 15 Aquarius is trining
Jupiter bringing to the foreground new warriors for freedom and a faith and optimism for
finding new solutions to old ways of living together in community, tribe and families.  
Venus is also conjunct Pluto and square Uranus/Jupiter triggering sensitivity to support
changes surrounding finances and resources.  Broadening our understanding of who owns
these resources and is in charge of how they are used.   
The Sabian Symbol interpretation below is taken from a book by Diana E. Roche, Sabian
Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy.
Sagittarius 8:  Rocks and things forming therein.
THEME: Building on Firm Foundations. This symbol speaks to stability.  Here is the
necessity that each individual build his personal foundations in life from the elements of his
own unique experiences. The image of rocks and things forming therein alludes to the
shaping of individual character and to the fact that an individual must be firmly in control of
his circumstances if he hopes to establish a permanent place for himself in the overall
scheme of things. Here is a call to make the most of heritage, roots, and natural skills and
talents.  Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents strength of character and ingenuity
or the ability to bring all the right elements together to affect a desired change. Negative:  
Confusion, or an inability to organize facts and thoughts clearly and effectively.
During this New Moon Cycle: The accent is on creating stability. You may find yourself
trying to figure out how to put the pieces of some situation together in
order to get things under control.  Your greatest advantage lies in making sure you
understand what you're working with and what potential it has.  Guard against waiting too
long to take action, or refusing to acknowledge the reality of something you would rather not
face, until the situation gets completely out of hand.
KEYWORDS: Foundations, stability, character formation, building, construction,
establishment, development, groundwork, underpinnings, creation, composition, pattern.

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Full Moon on December 13, 2016

“Because something is happening here But you don’t know what it is Do you, Mister Jones?”  The
ongoing Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter t-square is challenging us to change our way of being.  Or should I say
our way of not being whole, thinking in terms of the illusion of separation.  Oh, the terror of the
transformative transitions of tribulating t-squares.  Especially this one.  Deal with it.  We also have a
stelliumn of planets in Capricorn trining the north Node and sextiling a stelliumn in Pisces.  The New
Moon in Capricorn after the winter solstice (Northern Hemisphere) symbolizes going through the
darkness into the light, enlightenment.  “Tis the season to be jolly.  Fa la la la la, la la la la.”  “Silent
night, holy night all is calm, all is bright…”  Awaken in heavenly peace.  
The last lunation of this year falls on December 29, 2016 with the Moon at 7 Capricorn 59 conjuncting
the Sun at the same degree, with retrograde Mercury at 6 Capricorn 47 on one side and Pluto at 16
Capricorn 50 on the other side.  This is a very powerful stelliumn of Capricorn energy for new
beginnings having to do with our future security, authority figures and ambition.  Self-discipline, keeping
commitments and releasing controlling tendencies especially in career and professional areas of life
are the goals of this New Moon.  Be cautious of inflexibility, fear of new approaches, strict adherence to
self-justification and following protocol.  Mercury retrograding back to Sagittarius gives us a second
look at using opportunities to define new goals and accomplishments we want to achieve in 2017.  
Uranus at 20 Aries 33 turns direct on December 29th and is also in an opposition to Jupiter at 20 Libra
51 and square Pluto at 16 Capricorn 50.  T-square!  Pluto in Capricorn represents the transformation of
the system.  When a childish egotistic psychopath is put in a position of power there will be chaos, pain
and suffering.  The system is collapsing under the weight of its own insecurity, greed, corruption,
control and the insanity of egoic consensus “reality”.  On a personal level, we are called to take
responsibility for our own state of consciousness, to get centered and connect with our source, the holy
Mars at 7 Pisces 28 is conjunct Neptune at 9 Pisces 40 both conjunct the South Node is pushing us to
act on new visions that become manifested in this New Year.  Our enthusiasm can lack boundaries and
may bring feelings of a need to learn self-discipline.  We may feel a need to escape or retreat.  Use
your energy to be creative in helping “others”.  Giving is receiving.  

The Sabian Symbol interpretation below is taken from a book by Diana E. Roche; Sabian Symbols: A
Screen of Prophecy.
Capricorn 8:  Birds in the house singing happily.
Theme: Jubilation. This symbol speaks to happiness and delight as the result of everything falling into
place as planned or hoped for, and to an overall sense of everything being right with the world. The
image of birds in the house singing happily suggests an unrestrained outpouring of spiritual fulfillment
and joy.  Implicit in this symbol is a healthy feeling of self-confidence and accomplishment as the result
of being able to shape our outer events according to inner desire and expectation.  Positive: At its
highest, this symbol represents optimism, light-heartedness, and a positive and enthusiastic attitude
that inspires cooperation. Negative: Narcissism, or a total preoccupation with self.
During this New Moon Cycle: The accent is on cheerfulness and optimism. Entertaining at home could
be on your agenda or you may feel content to just putter around the house and enjoy your own little
world in peace. Everything's
going your way.  Your greatest advantage lies in encouraging others by giving them positive feedback
and appreciation for their efforts.  Guard against being self-centered, or falling into a habit of putting,
your own comfort and pleasure before the needs of others.
Keywords:  Cheerfulness, happiness, jubilation, joy, harmony, self-fulfillment, self-sufficiency,
competence, accomplishment, success.

Love and Blessings
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