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Watt’s up doc?  Are we feeling a little discompooperated?  WOW, Whoa, wounded
warriors out the wazoo.  Can you hear the call to heal thy “self”?  “What a long strange
trip it’s been.”  If you are reading this, you’ve survived the eclipses.  The last eclipse and
the tribulating t-squares triggered our stelliumns of Virgo planets.  Boy were we in for a
wild ride even after both of our vehicles broke down at the same time.  One with
mysterious erratic seemingly inexplicable electrical issues.  It seemed as though some
strange spirit had possessed the vehicle, sending serendipitous signals from another
demension:  some occurring while the key wasn’t in the ignition! Then we had a small
tornado swirl through our home spewing everything that was not nailed down within the
reach of a one-year-old.  Our home is not child proof.  I could go on and on but you get
the picture.  Chaos and crisis in action.  Of course all this is tangential to the underlying
issue of resisting what is.  Is it fear of loss? Are we fearful for our sense of safety,
security and survival?  Are we seeking satisfaction where it can’t be found, in the illusion
of separation?  But that was then and this is now.  We go through the darkness into the
light.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Are we ready to come up for a breath of
the light of love?  
The New Moon September 30, 2016 at 8:11 pm EDT falls on 8 Libra 15 conjunct Jupiter
at 4 Libra 42 and hopefully establishes a fulcrum point or balance from all the extremes
we have been experiencing with the extended eclipse season from August 18th through
now.  Find your center.  Open your heart.  Libra is relationships with the “other”.  Strong
positive Liberian energy begins to bring in awareness of “others” and harmony,
teamwork, partnership, sociability and diplomacy, even up grading our negotiation tactics
and skills, with a realization of our interdependence and appreciation of all points of
view.  Our root these next 14 days is in getting along with others, being compassionate,
companionable and diplomatic.  Libra brings out our good taste, grace, elegance and
cooperation.  It has been said that the “other” is hell.  But that is a patriarchal old
testament ideology.  It’s time to go beyond that perspective into a new era, a new
dimension of expanded awareness.  Heaven and Hell are a reflection of our state of
consciousness.  We are free to see.  When we see the “other” as our Self the only
appropriate response is love, compassion, caring and sharing.  Jupiter with this Libra
New Moon makes us have a strong sense for justice, equality, supportive relationships
and team identity rather than individual rebelliousness.  The square to Pluto at 14
Capricorn which just turned direct with Mercury is the catalyst for changes in the
justice or law enforcement systems and a time for peaceful protests and agreements to
bring those changes about in our communities.  Mercury will not come out of its shadow
till Oct 8 -9 when it conjuncts Jupiter, and Mars will be in Capricorn conjunct Pluto.  The
first square of this New Moon takes place with the Moon conjuncting Mars/Pluto.  
Tempers may come to a head like a volcano and erupt.  These are the hot spot days of
this New Moon energy.  
Plant peace, harmony, forgiveness and acceptance in all your relationships now so that we
can remain above the battle ground and see the whole picture for peace in our future.  
Be “grounded in the earth, centered in the heart, open and receiving the light of love”.  
Tune in, turn on, ohm out!  Be in the current of the light of love.  
The interpretation for the Sabian Symbol below was taken from Diana E. Roche’s book
Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy.
LIBRA 9 Three old masters hanging in an art gallery.
THEME: Self-Integration. This symbol speaks to man's capacity to understand his world
and the universe through his own personal experience. The image of three old masters
hanging in an art gallery alludes to the three souls in Plato's scheme -  mind or intellect,
unified creative expression. The suggestion here is that the fulfillment of all individual
potential is achieved through effective self-integration or the harmonious blending and
cooperative functioning of mind, body and spirit. The masters symbolize the past and our
heritage. The implication is that we are irrevocably linked to Source and our roots, and
that by standing on the shoulders of the giants who came before us we revitalize that
heritage and carry it forward with our own individual accomplishments. Positive: At its
highest, this symbol represents a special gift for healing conflict and dissension, and for
bringing diverse people together in harmony by emphasizing mutual goals and objectives.
Negative:  Refusal to let go of outworn habits and traditions or selfish insistence on
having one's own way even at the expense of sacrificing the good of the whole or the
best interest of the group.  
During this New Moon Cycle the accent is on learning how to get along with others and
solve your own problems.  Your greatest advantage lies in recognizing that there can be
more than one winner, and being willing to share the limelight with others.  Guard against
trying to be a crowd pleaser or basing your decisions on your opinion of how things have
always been done. You could be wrong or the technique may not work in this particular
KEYWORDS: Unity, affinity, compatibility, relationship, harmony, integration, heritage,
the past, excellence, creative expression, fine arts, values, appreciation of excellence.
Love and Blessings
June & Mr Maybe
276 768 8801
Full Moon November 14, 2016

Can you Feel the pull of the Moon, emotions, drama, trauma, chaos, confusion, crisis and
insecurity?  Wanting the comfort of having the power of controlling what is, unfolding
before our very eyes, a vision of our consciousness of truth?  “Holy crap on a cracker!”  
Shock and Awe.  “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”  Welcome to the
surrealism of bizarro world.  “Christians” for Caligula trumpeting the caliginous calamity of
the apocalypse.  Ironic?  Ha Ha.  If the elections haven’t put the fear of god in you, it was
probably already in you.  What is the rational of thinking that a viper will drain the swamp
of the united snakes of America?  “This is a strange repose, to be asleep with eyes wide
open; standing, speaking, moving, and yet so fast asleep.”  “Forgive them for they know
not what they do.”  If the farce of fascism frightens you, you might want to consider
immigration before they build the wall.  But “Where ever you go there you are.”  “Be
thankful you are living, drink up and go home.”  Or rather, wake up and go home.  Deal
with it.  The Medusa of fear is a strange beast.  “When you are strange.” (the door is
open.)  It can express in many forms; ignorance, repression, suppression, aversion,
condemnation, grievances, anger, aggression, frustration, unworthiness, insecurity,
shame, seclusion, etc. and ultimately the illusion of separation.  The manifold
manifestations of dark emotional energy seeking release from suffering.  Seeking the
light.  “Resist not evil.”  Resistance binds us to it.  Awareness.  Forgiveness.  
Acceptance.  Compassion.  No need to “row, row, row your boat”.  Love will take us to the
other shore.  Love trumps the trumpery of hate.  Awaken to an awareness of loves
presence.  Be bullish for Self-Love, loving all that is, “Be”cause it is you!  
The Full Moon November 14, 2016 is an explosion of light with the Moon at 22 Tarsus 37
opposing the Sun at 22 Scorpio 37.  This is the exaltation of the Moon in Tarsus which is
what we value, our money, possessions and material comforts.  Time to be aware of our
personal needs and boundaries, where we have been resistant to change, been
possessive, holding on to dogmatic opinions.  Can we stand our ground without digging
our heels in and being stubborn?  Persist to progress step by step.   Right now, our
patience, trustworthiness and self-worth is being tested.  Review your personal values.  
How do you use or value your resources?  Maybe consider a gratitude list of all the simple
pleasures in life that bring you satisfaction and contentment.  
Three planets have newly changed signs just before this Full Moon.  First Mars went into
Aquarius November 9th and will be in this sign for the next six weeks.  Mars in Aquarius is
looking for a cause to jump into, to fight for and usually with a group.  Mars in Aquarius is
that group energy good or bad that causes us to fight against injustice and intolerance.  
Then Venus went into Capricorn on November 12th.  Venus is how we satisfy our love
and belongness needs, and Venus is Capricorn is looking for a stable financial future and
could challenge us as we tally our values and possessions to draw those things closer to
our hearts and family.  Investments in a new home or property could trigger real estate
trends to sky rocket as some look for surer more secure investments for their future.  
Mercury moved into Sagittarius also on November 12th, out of the Scorpio fixed
mindedness and into this expansive sign.  This may bring a new perception of how things
will work out for the future.  Shifting into more equality and less intolerance.  Legal matters
and courts of law are in the media now and seem to bring discussions that open new
ideas to solve old problems. Take advantage of this transit as it is a good time to expand
your mind and learn.  Travel and communications are good ways to get a new vision or
perspective on your life.
Jupiter in Libra and will make a square to Pluto in Capricorn November 22-29.  This
aspect has all the power of bringing truth out in the open.  Can be a big shift as power
seeks a new level of expression in the earth.  Watch that you don’t take on too much
during this period as you may not be able to deliver.  Struggles over resources may bring
out the greed in some.
Neptune in Pisces is still sitting on the Moon’s south node at 9 Pisces.  This is a karmic
transformer and is key to bringing a new vision to those that are ready for this powerful
healing.  Stretching into the deep recesses of our subconscious to bring all the blocks to
love to the surface for each of us in differing emotional situations so we can recognize our
messengers for healing.  Pay attention, forgive, love!  We are free to choose
enlightenment or ignorance, illumination or insanity.  
The Sabian Symbol interpretation below is taken from Sabian Symbols: A Screen of
Prophecy by Diana E. Roche
Taurus 23:  A jewelry shop.
THEME; All that Glitters. This symbol speaks to practical or material values, and to man's
desire to own and possess those things that affirm or validate his personal concept of who
he is. The image of a jewelry shop full of precious gems and minerals emphasizes luxury,
wealth and beauty.  Jewelry is used to commemorate special everts such as
engagements, coronations, graduations and weddings. Thus, it alludes to achievement,
accomplishment and special status. It also symbolizes aspiration, romance and reward.
Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents wealth, as a lower sign of a higher mastery
of values, and a unique talent for creating beauty through imaginative enhancements of
the ordinary. Negative:  Greed and materialism or bad taste and gaudy over adornment.  
The accent is on possessions. You may be tempted to overspend or be extravagant with
your resources. A change in status is indicated.  Your greatest advantage lies in focusing
on quality. Work for and expect the best that can be achieved.  Guard against excess or
losing something of value by taking more than you need or going overboard in some
direction. Don't bite off more than you can chew.  
Keywords: Luxury, wealth, beauty, values, reward, elegance, lavishness, extravagance,

Scorpio 23:  A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy.
THEME: The Magic of Imagination.  This symbol speaks to creativity, imagination, and
personal meanings. The image of a bunny metamorphosed into a fairy suggests
enchantment, magic and the transformation of reality through super natural powers of the
mind.  Implicit in this symbol is the ability of every individual to enhance his enjoyment of
life by changing the way he views the world in which he lives. Positive: At its highest, this
symbol represents personal growth and development through the power of positive
thinking and creative visualization.  Negative: Dissociation or escape from reality through
unhealthy fantasies and delusions.
The accent is on transformation and change. You could be shocked or surprised by
something that happens now.  Your greatest advantage lies in looking for the highest and
best in others. Find the hidden promise in all things and nurture it. Think in terms of
possibilities.  Guard against preferring bizarre or fantastic explanations over a truth you're
afraid to face. Confront your fears and deal with them.
Keywords: Transformation, enchantment, magic, trickery, change, conversion, flux,
alteration, transmutation.

Love and Blessings
June & Mr Maybe
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New Moon 7 Sagittarius 42

“Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes.”  What do we want to see?  Is it “Me” as “We” eternally or a limiting
narcissistic conceptualization of the self as “me” “me” “me”?  Are we willing to see
differently?  Do we want the clarity, power, wisdom and truth of the consciousness of unity?  
“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”  “Follow your bliss.”  Let’s expand our
consciousness beyond the illusion of separation.  
New Moon November 29, 2016 at 7:18 am EST falls at 7 Sagittarius 42 with the Moon
conjunct the Sun and Mercury at 25 Sagittarius conjunct Saturn at 18 Sagittarius completing
this stelliumn of Sagittarius energy.  The New Moon is square the Nodes and Neptune at 9
Pisces and is challenging us to look at our abstract concepts of religions and spirituality.  
This is an energy that looks for new solutions on our quest for Truth and peace of mind.  
Old karma is being let go of and a restoration of prayer, higher guidance and direct
communication with All That Is.  Connections to nature and exploration for positive
expectations for finding solutions and new reverence for our precious resources.  Seeking
answers through new conscience ethics and legal proceedings that curbs extravagance and
excessive over use of our Mothers resources.  
There is another t-square in this chart that will be on going through March and August of
2017.  Jupiter at 17 Libra is opposing Uranus at 20 Aries and both planets are squaring
Pluto at 16 Capricorn.  This Uranus/Pluto square brings changes in society and big
businesses can be grass roots revolutions that spring up and triggered by Jupiter is
expanding our attempts to bring a generous spirit into tolerance for others philosophies and
ideologies and an open and frank discussion of these beliefs.  Mars at 15 Aquarius is trining
Jupiter bringing to the foreground new warriors for freedom and a faith and optimism for
finding new solutions to old ways of living together in community, tribe and families.  
Venus is also conjunct Pluto and square Uranus/Jupiter triggering sensitivity to support
changes surrounding finances and resources.  Broadening our understanding of who owns
these resources and is in charge of how they are used.   
The Sabian Symbol interpretation below is taken from a book by Diana E. Roche, Sabian
Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy.
Sagittarius 8:  Rocks and things forming therein.
THEME: Building on Firm Foundations. This symbol speaks to stability.  Here is the
necessity that each individual build his personal foundations in life from the elements of his
own unique experiences. The image of rocks and things forming therein alludes to the
shaping of individual character and to the fact that an individual must be firmly in control of
his circumstances if he hopes to establish a permanent place for himself in the overall
scheme of things. Here is a call to make the most of heritage, roots, and natural skills and
talents.  Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents strength of character and ingenuity
or the ability to bring all the right elements together to affect a desired change. Negative:  
Confusion, or an inability to organize facts and thoughts clearly and effectively.
During this New Moon Cycle: The accent is on creating stability. You may find yourself
trying to figure out how to put the pieces of some situation together in
order to get things under control.  Your greatest advantage lies in making sure you
understand what you're working with and what potential it has.  Guard against waiting too
long to take action, or refusing to acknowledge the reality of something you would rather not
face, until the situation gets completely out of hand.
KEYWORDS: Foundations, stability, character formation, building, construction,
establishment, development, groundwork, underpinnings, creation, composition, pattern.

Love and Blessings
June and Mr Maybe

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Full Moon on November 4, 2017

Boo, boo-boo, boo hoo, boo who, boogieman. The vail of darkness is as thin or deep as our demon’s
desire.   Are we bullishly seeking safety, security and satisfaction in the physical sensuality of duality, in
the selfishness of the separated “self”?  Oh baby!  Who is the “me” that suffers the polarized
positionalities of past programing, propagating presumptive perceptions of a personal separate small
“self”; “i”, “me” and “mine”.  There but for the grace of a Grand Trine go “I”, “The Eye of the I”, the “I”
of awareness.  Freedom is freedom from the small “self”.  Relax, release, surrender, remember the sacred
sanctity of our Source, Love its Self.  
This Full Moon on November 4, 2017 at 1:23 am EDT Washington, DC falls with the Moon at 11
Taurus 58 opposing the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio.  It is an important Full Moon as it squares the Full
Moon Eclipses (August 7, 2017 and January 31, 2018) we will see the push of these eclipses for change
in that area that they fall in your natal chart.  Full Moons are times of challenge and maybe a bit of
resistance to the flow of change, and challenge us to balance the two opposing energies of the Moon/Sun
opposition.  This Moon in Taurus puts a heavy accent on pleasure, money, possessions the desires of
worldly things (more, more) in opposition to the sacred.  A time of letting go of old ways of satisfying
those desires and physical material comforts and finding gratitude and appreciation for what we have
now.  Seeking trustworthiness, dependability and patience with others in our lives.  Being aware of the
balance between personal needs/wants desires and the needs of others.  Setting appropriate boundaries
with new values.  This is the time of year when the vails between the dimensions (physical, astral,
celestial) are open and easily traversed.  Creative Earth healing work can be a positive use of this
energy.  Jupiter is newly in Scorpio making a conjunction to the Sun and opposing the Moon eschewing
our vision of reality, blowing our wants out of proportion to our needs.  Be careful not to spend more
than is on hand now or you could get caught in an embarrassing financial situation during the coming
weeks.  If you are expecting or seeking money coming from others or legal settlements, you may have to
compromise perhaps and settle for a lesser amount.  On the practical side now is the time to study your
financial picture carefully, insurance, wills, investments, mortgages to see where consolidation can take
Venus is also at 26 Libra in an opposition to Uranus at 26 Aries could bring some surprises and happy
reunions with old loves stimulating the fires of passion.  An exciting event that takes the emotions on a
roller coaster ride.  Falling is love again or for the first time is bound to be exciting with this aspect
bringing those opportunities.  
The overlying grand fire trine is still open with Uranus at the top leading us into taking risks with love
and money during this next three months.  Passion is expressed in many different creative ways that
continue past the new year, Welcome 2018!!!
Try to stay in the now and not miss any of this energy that is building a new future for all of us that can
tune into the depths of our passions expressed in love of others, ourselves and all that is.
The Sabian Symbol below is taken from a book by Diana E. Roche.
TAURUS 12 Window-shoppers.  THEME: Looking at Options. This symbol speaks to the role of
imagination and mental rehearsal in helping an individual evaluate whether or not he is likely to succeed
or be happy with any particular choice that is open to him. The image of Window shoppers alludes to
fact-finding, idea gathering and looking at options, but the implication here is that no goal can ever be
reached unless the individual makes a decision and acts on it.  Positive: At its highest, this symbol
represents ingenuity and a natural gift for spotting potential. Negative: Indecisiveness and an inability to
follow through and keep commitments. The accent is on looking at options. Gathering information for
decisions may occupy your time. Have fun and enjoy stretching your imagination. Appreciate the many
opportunities for self—expression that are available for you to choose from. Your greatest advantage
lies in taking the time to look at all the possibilities you can see in a thing. Turn it around in your mind
as if you were looking at it through the lens of a camera. Visualize it in different settings. Think of its
usefulness at different times or for different purposes. Be creative.  Guard against self-defeat and ruining
all chances of success and happiness by telling yourself that what you really want is beyond your reach,
or that you are not deserving enough to have it. KEYWORDS: Mental rehearsal, preparation, choice,
looking at options, imagination, visualization, research, examination, inquiry, investigation.
SCORPIO 12 An embassy ball.  THEME: Formal Maneuvers. This symbol speaks to social ritual at its
highest, and to the opportunity it brings each individual to recognize for himself whether or not his
perceptions and the hopes and expectations that first moved him to pledge or affiliate himself with a
particular organization or cause have been realized or met. The image of an embassy ball is associated
with politics and governments. The dance alludes to the intricate steps and fancy footwork that must be
learned in any effective social maneuvering. Implicit in this symbol is a dramatization of values. Here the
political process of a group is exposed as either a means to encourage and develop personal excellence
among all its members or a tool to exploit the skills and resources of the weak and disenfranchised.  The
emphasis in this symbol is on revelation through theatrical exaggeration and the chance to see things as
they really are. Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents a natural poise and grace that facilitates
group integrity and stability. Negative: Arrogance and class-consciousness or use of Machiavellian
tactics to achieve desired ends. The accent is on lavish show and formality. Activities center on special
events that require you to look and perform at your best.  Your greatest advantage lies in following the
lead of those in the know. Let the others speak and act first and then make your move.  Guard against
committing a faux pas by failing to adequately inform yourself beforehand on the proper protocol or
custom for some important social ritual or occasion. KEYWORDS: Formality, dance, grandeur, social
drama, politics, exhibition, show, pomp, ostentation, ceremony, splendor, pageantry, affectation,

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Love and Blessings
June Collier & Mr Maybe

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Full Moon Eclipse in the Natal Houses

The first house is Aries ruled by Mars and is your immediate surroundings, your physical
body, especially the head and face, your health, accidents, arrivals, the present or
today.  New ventures and beginnings, your early environment, your personality, how you
present yourself to others.
The effect of a
Full Moon Eclipse in the First house will bring personal confrontation
with others especially in marriage or business partnerships.  Not a good time for
negotiations business or personal.  Avoid confrontations and try to learn to compromise
or cooperate.  
The second house is Taurus ruled by Venus.  The second house is your money and
possessions, your inner resources and at times your freedom to do what you want.  Your
values or what you value in life and how you use your inner resources to get what you
value.  Personal income, belongings, gifts, bonus, profits and loss, purchases and financial
dealings with banks, loan companies.
Full Moon in the Second house may bring a challenge to change your values.  Bills
you have forgotten to pay come due.  Conflict could arise concerning your money and the
resources of others.  You may be caught in an embarrassing financial situation during this
Eclipse period.
The third house is Gemini ruled by Mercury.  The third house rules siblings and extended
family, communication, short trips, signing contracts or papers.  Correspondence such as
letters, messages, conversation, news and gossip.  Also education and learning,
instruction, private studies.  Transportation and cars.  Show how and what you study,
communicate or write, teach or talk about.
The effect of a
Full Moon Eclipse in the Third house may bring an important
communication, letter or news from afar or from extended family members.  All matters
pertaining to legal affairs require careful handling.  This is not the ideal time for taking
either short or long trips.  Could bring the possibility of accidents or confusion while
traveling.  Be extremely careful what you say or write on paper or sign.  Repercussions
could develop later.
The fourth house is Cancer ruled by the Moon.  The 4th house is your home and base of
operations, your family and parents, the root of your soul.  This house also covers real
estate and the end of matters.  
Full Moon Eclipse in the Fourth house could bring forced changes in the home
environment due to loss of work or responsibility to parents.  Conflict occurs between
duties at home and those at work, involving ambitions and domestic responsibilities.
The fifth house is Leo ruled by the Sun.  The 5th house is creativity, children, love affairs
and giving your love.  Recreation and amusement and all forms of fun and enjoyment of
life and the places where you have fun such as parks, theaters, playgrounds, recreation
rooms, beaches, ski resorts, ect…
Full Moon Eclipse in the Fifth house children may require your help or assistance.  
Changes in recreational or creative activities or romantic adventures due to
responsibilities either with children or education.  
The sixth house is Virgo ruled by Mercury.  The 6th house is your working atmosphere,
and your job or service and your daily routine. Food, diet, health, sickness, and medical
matters.  Small animals and pets. Employees.
Full Moon Eclipse in the Sixth house can bring loss of job or more responsibilities
that bring great stress and illness.  Cut down on strenuous activities and get a good
physical check-up.  Tone down any behind the scenes or clandestine affairs with co-
workers or supervisors.  Be on the alert for secret enemies at your place of employment
or hidden and confusing elements.
The seventh house is Libra ruled by Venus.  The 7th house is your partnerships and
marriage. The emphasis is on commited intimate or marital and business partners,
teammates, competitors, allies, large-scale negotiations, being ready to make
concessions and improving understanding with others.
Full Moon in the seventh house Brings sure crisis and the need for co-operation and
comprise in relationships and marriage.  Be prepared for opposing views with your
partner.  The accent is on teamwork, and compromising differences concerning your
views or ideas with competitors or partners.
The eighth house is Scorpio ruled by Pluto/Mars.  The 8th house is healing,
transformational emotional events, death and dying, sexuality.  Insurance, tax matters,
other peoples money and investments, surgery or the removal of something.  Also marital
or partnership funds and joint financial dealings with other people, alimony.  Jointly held
money and property, resources and savings.  Private transactions, secret and hidden
talents.  Legacies and inheritances.  Debts and collections.  Mortgages.
Full Moon Eclipse in the Eighth house causes crisis when you have to draw on your
cash savings to take care of unexpected bills, insurance or taxes.  Your income tax may
be audited.  Some give and take will probably be necessary and sharing expenditures
may be one way of resolving difficulties.  Take steps to protect personal and joint funds
and possessions against loss or damage.
The ninth house is Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter.  The 9th house rules long distance travel,
courts and law, foreigners, higher mind, and abstract concepts, religion and philosophy.  
Also your public opinion, plubishing. Communications or transactions with people from a
distance. Religious and intellectual interests and affairs of the partner’s relatives, your
Full Moon in the Ninth house could bring crisis or confrontation with a decision
concerning news or documents received from afar.  Travel plans may have to undergo
revising and changes or cancellation.  Be careful what your say, do or write on paper so as
to avoid legal compilations.  Seek the advice of legal experts if difficulties arise.
The tenth house is Capricorn ruled by Saturn.  The 10th house is career and goals you set
for your life.  It is your reputation, your ego, and your social status.  Also government
officials or agencies, bosses, important people or a parents.  Job interests,
responsibilities, your business, occupation and career, attaining your goals and aims in life
and this house also rules improvement of your credit rating.  Possible honors and
popularity or coming to the public’s attention also is influenced in this house.
Full Moon Eclipse in the Tenth house bring undesirable or forced changes in your
career that can have a devastating effect on your home life or move you from where you
live.  Possible reduction of income that results in losses of property or home.  
Responsibilities in the home and/or with parents conflict with career.
The eleventh house is Aquarius ruled by Uranus/Saturn.  The 11th house is friends and
associates, groups that you belong to and their activities, boosting community projects.  
Joining clubs and organizations.  Pursuit of your hopes and wishes for the future.  Also
this is the house of things that happen beyond your control.  With this house accented
there could be an emphasis on social ties, group activities and friendships. Business
income and assets.  Seeking people who can help you.
Full Moon in the Eleventh bring conflict with friends or social acquaintances that
expect favors of you or that are more demanding than you had anticipated.  Watch
unsound speculative ventures during this eclipse period.  Responsibilities to children or
family member could hinder your social life or get togethers with friends.
The Twelth house is Pisces ruled by Neptune/Jupiter.  The 12th house rules large
animals, sorrow, imprisonment, affliction, seclusion, detention, subversion, the past and
yesterday.  Your own self-undoing and limitations, secrecy, sorrows and intuitive
connection to subconscious mind.  Emphasis here can bring you in to contact with
institutions such as schools and hospitals or jails.  There may be an accent on confidential
and investigative matters and possible police activity.  You may have contacts with
hospitals, institutions and invalids.  Solitude, personal limitations and problems will
confront you.  Stick to regular routine work and try to find the cause for past mistakes
The twelfth house is the house of retreat, where we go to recharge and renew
ourselves.  It tells us about our subconscious, our inner spiritual life and our mental
health.  It is also the house of karma and influences from the past.  Any planet located in
the twelfth house of your chart is strongly charged with memories from the past and its
action is influenced by unconscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings.
Full Moon Eclipse in the Twelth house may bring to light and perhaps to an
emotional climax to secrets or hidden matters pertaining to health, work or long
neglected problems.  Enforced changes by circumstances outside your control bring
setbacks and difficulties with work and daily routine.  You may have to take care of
someone who is sick, physically or mentally.  Stick to regular routines and give more
attention to unfinished tasks.  This could be the best time for spiritual or inner work
deep in the subconscious.
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We are still having computer issues that go back to the Full Moon Eclipse in August.  Expect the
unexpected.  S**t happens.  Are we doing our duty?  Are we feeling discompooperated?  New Moons,
new beginnings.  Let go of the past.  Start anew.  Awaken to an awareness of the Presence of the present
moment.  We have a new moon in Libra (balancing relationships with “others”) in opposition to
rebellious Uranus in Aries (the evolution of chaotic change).  Emotional bubbles may burst in anger.  It
is just frustrated unharmonious energy seeking a release.  AAAHHH. Let it go.  “It’s all good”, showing
us where healing needs happening.  Don’t expect consciousness from “others”.  The only “thing” we
have any control over is our own state of consciousness.  Forgiveness, acceptance, surrender, peace,
joy and love is an inside job which flows through the heart.  
We still have the grace of a grand fire trine.  Uranus in Aries (the rebel seeking liberation through the
third eye, receiving the light of truth as the essence of our being) which trines both the north node in Leo
[the courage to face karmic issues, (the sword of forgiveness cuts karma quickest)] and Saturn in
Sagittarius (the spiritual warrior taking responsibility for spiritual enlightenment).  This grand fire trine
perturbs a T-square through Saturn in Sagittarius (the discipline of the spiritual warrior) which squares
the opposition of both Chiron in Pisces (the wounded healer) and Mars in Virgo (the willingness to do
the work to heal our self through being in service to “others” which is ultimately our Self).  Perhaps a
sage salving will do.  Perhaps the way of life, truth, light and love will get us there.  Perhaps we are
already there without being aware of it.  “How can you be in two places at once when you are nowhere
at All?”  Maybe when we see you and me is we be unity eternally.  We are free to see and be the light
of love.  
The New Moon on October 19, 2017 at 3:12 pm EDT falls at 26 Libra 36 with the Moon conjunct the
Sun and both opposing Uranus.  This could be a very chaotic and challenging New Moon for the next
fourteen days.  Libra energy is strong for teamwork, negotiation, balance, equality and appreciation of
opposite viewpoints, but Uranus may disrupt any peace, harmony and ability to come to balance and
equilibration in any negotiations with this New Moon.  On a personal level sudden changes in
relationships might require adjustments that can be difficult to maintain harmony and balance.  There is
also a T-square with Mars at 26 Virgo in opposition  to Chiron at 25 Pisces and both squaring Saturn.  
This aspect may bring a feeling of frustration with any situation that needs action.  Feeling like driving
with one foot on the brakes or delays from lack of sticking to the plan.  Saturn is still holding down the
fire grand trine with Uranus and the North Node so this trine may feed the T-square a bit of positive
energy to accomplish goals that were set back in August with new ideas.  Trying to push will just cause
more frustration and conflict.  Aimless debate and indecision will block any efforts toward
cooperation.  Use tack and diplomacy to get things done.  Jupiter has moved into Scorpio along with
Mercury and makes a conjunction with this New Moon.  Secret counsels and hidden agendas will be
coming to the surface for change and healing.  Jupiter/Mercury blows things out of proportion and stirs
up fear, mistrust and paranoia through the media.  This is very good energy for going with the flow of
the sudden disruptions with plans from a new perspective, as the Course in Miracles says we need to
view these challenges from above the battlefield.  Try not to identify with the chaos as it is happening
and maybe try to align with those that can strengthen your ability to be balanced, tactful and non-
The interpretations of the Sabian Symbols below are taken from a book by Diana E. Roche.
LIBRA 27 An airplane hovering overhead.
THEME: Rising Above It All. This symbol speaks to the development of high standards and ideals, and
to the achievement of immortality through imagination and creative resourcefulness. The image of an
airplane hovering overhead symbolizes transcendence, achievement, higher perspective, and the ability
to understand cause-and—effect relationships as the result of a mastery of experience. It can also
indicate detachment, tranquility and a preference for serene and peaceful surroundings. On a practical
level, this degree suggests surveillance.  At its highest, this symbol represents psychological insight and
a talent for maintaining poise and objectivity. Negative: Loss of touch with reality and flights of fancy,
or mind wandering and a refusal to take things seriously.
During this New Moon: The accent is on the broad overview. This is a time for looking at the whole
picture rather than focusing on the details.  Your greatest advantage lies in stepping back and analyzing
how you got where you are. Try to see your life in terms of cause and effect, especially your own part in
it all.  Guard against taking off at the wrong time and leaving situations to resolve themselves, or
function effectively without supervision. Don’t wait too long to make an important decision.
KEYWORDS: Perspective, overview, transcendence, surveillance, poise, contemplation, viewpoint,
reflection, study, deliberation, consideration, examination.

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New Moon on May 15, 2018 at 2:30 pm Grayson Highlands Park, VA Harry and I will be married all welcome
no need for invitations....

The New Moon on May 15, 2018 at 7:48 am EDT falls at 24 Taurus 36 with the Moon conjunct the Sun at this
degree and both trining Mars/Pluto in Capricorn.  Mercury at 3 Taurus conjunct Uranus at 29 Aries 59 is moving
into Taurus by 2:30 pm.  Uranus last pass through Taurus was the six years beginning March 1935 through
September 1941.  Mars also will be moving into Aquarius by midnight and will have a retrograde period from June
27th through August 28th from 9 Aquarius back to 28 Capricorn 36.  Each of us will experience this energy
individually usually through the area of life or house in the natal chart that this happens.  Mars and Pluto in this
conjunction has some positive energy with the trine to the New Moon but also is involved with squares to
Mercury/Uranus as Uranus changes signs.  These squares are causing all sorts of anger and chaos to come to the
surface and need to be dealt with as people, groups and governments are shifting; exerting their individuality and
struggling for more freedom for all.  This is a powerful New Moon as the Moon is exalted and its energy is strong
in Taurus.  New beginnings with finances, money, material comforts, possessions.  This is a time of building solid
foundations using patience and perseverance.  Bring the awareness of your own personal needs and values to sort
out in your meditations.  Let go of your resistance to change and dogmatic opinions.  Feelings of appreciation and
gratitude bring a lot of satisfaction now.  A strong rapport with nature and the fecundity of the season.  
Saturn is retrograde at 9 Capricorn trining Mercury/Uranus and could hold the key to serious communications,
straight talk and a need for honesty.  A spiritual trine with Jupiter in Scorpio trining Neptune in Pisces is opening
opportunities for reaching the pinnacles of a new understanding of love and all that is!
The interpretation for the Sabian Symbol below is taken from Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy by Diana E.
TAURUS 25 A large well-kept public park.  THEME: Group Work. This symbol speaks to a division of labor, and
to the benefits to be gained by working with others in a common group endeavor. The image of a large well-kept
public park describes a community gathering place, and it dramatizes the fact that there are some things in life that
an individual can’t accomplish by himself or that require cooperative effort to establish and maintain. It also
emphasizes the fact that self-worth can be realized only in the ordinary, everyday world as the individual discovers
when and how he needs others and they in turn need him. Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents
community leadership and an unselfish dedication to the welfare of all people. Negative: Lack of self—confidence
and a tendency to be easily swayed or influenced by the thoughts and opinions of others. During this New Moon
Cycle: The accent is on enjoyment. Take time to savor the fruits of your labor. Community or social gatherings
bring special pleasure.  Your greatest advantage lies in working on group, rather than personal projects at this
time. Focus on aesthetics and add a touch of beauty to the world around you.  Guard against giving in to pressure
from others against your better judgment. Don’t waste your time arguing over trivial matters.
KEYWORDS: Common ground, cooperative effort, shared resources, group project, division of labor,
Love Blessings
June & Mr Maybe
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Full Moon madness or Illumination?  “To be or not to be.  That is the question.”  We are free to choose where we focus our attention, our
consciousness, our energy.  Is our focus the “I” of the ego or the “I” of awareness?  “seek ye first the kingdom of God and his
righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Oh baaaaaaaaaaaaa-beeeeeeeeeeeee!  It is Friday the Thirteenth, a
sacred day and number.  Everything is sacred from the perspective of beingness, in the unity of the light of love.  
Well, wellness is an issue with the Full Moon falling on the Virgo/Pisces healing axis.  The main feature of this chart is almost the same t-
square we had on the New Moon except the moon has moved from a conjunction with the Sun and the personal planets in Virgo to a
conjunction with Neptune in Pisces opposing the Virgo stelliumn.  T-squares tend to be tense, intense, chaotic and turbulent.  With Full
Moons a light is being shown on our issues that are in need of healing.  Virgo is about the willingness to do the work of healing our self so
we can be of service to our source which is all that is, our Self.  Since we are spiritual beings having a human experience our focus tends
to be on the function of surviving and thriving.  The discernment of Virgo assists us in this earthly process of the positionality of duality
Conversely Pisces represents the 12th house, the completion of the karmic wheel of life, wholeness; the death of egoic thought forms and
the resurrection unity consciousness.  Awakening to an awareness of the perfection of the pure purity of our source, the holy spirit.  
Relax, release, surrender and remember “a felt oneness of being” as the light of our own true nature.  
“S U R R E N D E R
Reach your arms straight out in front of you at chest height. This is the spiritual body of the Heart Chakra
Surrender lives here. Surrender is an experience and a state of being that is made possible by the previous layers of the heart. You don’t
arrive to surrender without calm, compassion, and faith teaching you and informing you. Surrender is the direct opposite of control.
Control seeks to make sure nothing happens outside of our own prescription. Surrender is an energy of releasing into the unknown with
the security of the previous layers and qualities holding you. Surrender is a mystery and in entering that space we go into the mystery.
We don’t give up our mind or our higher will when we surrender. In fact we need our higher will to get there and to believe it is okay to do
so.”  Essential Light Institute
The Full Harvest Moon on September 14, 2019 at 0:33 am EDT is at 21 Pisces 05 in a conjunction with Neptune (ruler of Pisces) at 17
Pisces 12.  The Full Moon is in opposition to the Stelliumn of planets in Virgo (Sun 21Virgo 05, Mars 17 Virgo 10, Venus and Mercury at
29 Virgo) emphasizing the awareness of choices between these two energies; Pisces being the all that is and connection to the sub-
conscious and Virgo being the detailed critical thinking and discernment that limits connection with all that is, Oneness.  Both ends of this
opposition are in a t-square to Jupiter at 17 Sagittarius, the energy of faith, optimism and questing for truth.  Strong Pisces energies come
into awareness during this Full Moon cycle.  At first it might bring confusion and psychic sensitivity or mystic awareness and merging with
all that is.  Ecstasy, internal happiness, surrender with trust and forgiveness are choices now.  Try not to get caught up in the Virgo
details of organizing and structured routines that can block the attention to oneness.  Overly analyzing or striving for perfection can bring
a lot of worry, criticism, blame, judgment and escaping into workaholic tendencies.  This t-square challenges us to look at our ideals and
beliefs and make choices or seek answers and find solutions that align with Oneness.  Watch out for self righteousness and blunt
communications that have no connection to truth.  
Pluto is still with Saturn in Capricorn and both are still retrograde (Saturn will turn direct on September 19) making some positive trines
and sextiles to the planets in  the Full Moon opposition.  This should give us an opportunity to see and act on positive changes in
government and systems connected with big business.  Finances and banking and changes in our money are going to be big news in the
next 3 months.  This is the lunation that comes just before the Fall Equinox and brings optimism and awareness of changing
understanding for acknowledging oneness, compassion, acceptance and tolerance for any differences we may see in others.
The interpretation for a Sabian Symbol below is taken from Diana E. Roche’s book Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophesy.
PIECES 22:  A man bringing down the new law from Sinai.
THEME: Higher Authority. This symbol speaks to revelation, and to the transcendental experience that brings insight and awareness of a
higher authority. The image of a man bringing down the new law from Sinai, or the mountain, emphasizes spiritual or ethical rules of
conduct.  Although this image alludes to Moses and the Ten Commandments, it can also refer to a mystical experience or spiritual
quickening that transforms the way an individual lives his life. On a practical level, this degree can indicate a change in church doctrine,
new public policies or laws, or a modernization of codes and procedures. Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents moral integrity, a
willingness to make personal sacrifices for the good of the whole, and a personal commitment to making a positive difference in people’s
lives. Negative: Arrogance and conceit or taking unfair advantage of others through position and privilege.
During this Full Moon Cycle the accent is on ethics and moral integrity. You could experience internal conflict when considering your
options today.  Your greatest advantage lies in making sure that the means you take justifies the end result. Be honest. Be truthful. Be
fair.  Guard against thinking you can get away with misrepresenting the facts or taking unfair advantage of a situation or person. Taking
the easy way out by breaking the rules or ignoring your responsibilities and obligations could result in unexpected consequences.
KEYWORDS:  Authority, degree, directive, order, ordinance, commandment, dictum, edict, law, policy, legislation, proclamation,
regulation, statute, spiritual experience, religious doctrine, moral integrity, inspiration.
VIRGO 22:  A royal coat of arms
THEME: The Rights of Privilege. This symbol speaks to the fact that there is a reason and purpose for everything that exists. The image
of a royal coat of arms symbolizes authority and certification, and it
dramatizes the dignity to be found in following the traditions and customs that have been established by the elders and wise men of any
society. This symbol also emphasizes inherited stewardship and the right to regulate and enforce the observance of those social rituals
that strengthen and preserve a group’s highest values and ideals. Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents the ability to solidify
group unity and help others recognize their common purpose. Negative: Abuse of authority or manipulation and the use of devious means
for controlling the unsuspecting and gullible.
During this Full Moon Cycle: The accent is on inherited rights and privileges. Some group may assert their authority or pull rank based on
their seniority.  Your greatest advantage lies in observing precedent and following established tradition. Be sensitive to the needs of
others to maintain their dignity.  Guard against abusing privilege or violating social mores. Changing the rules or criticizing the way others
have been doing things could meet with strong resistance and be resented.
KEYWORDS: Heritage, tradition, family lineage, aristocracy, rulership, prerogative, privilege, license, right, authority, certification,
tradition, stewardship, values, integrity, honor, group unity.

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Holy Shiva!  Its tiiight!  Can we let it all go and go with the flow?  “There is something rotten in Denmark.”  Old
systems are rotting from the inside out in the transformation, the creation of new forms.  Perhaps we can use
it as fertilizer for spiritual growth.  Perhaps the stench will awaken us from the suffering of the nightmare of the
illusion of separation.  We could awaken out of the darkness into the luminosity of love, of enlightenment.  Oh
Baby!  Where have you been all my life?  
Round and round and round we go.  Are we circling our center?  Are we circling outside of the event horizon,
refusing to face our dark side, our shadowy fears?  Are we willing to go through the darkness into the light?  
Will we settle into the singularity of unity consciousness to be reborn in the radiant luminosity of love?  The
circle of creation is wholly holy, endlessly eternal and spiritually sacred.  
New Moon, new beginnings.  The New Moon commences the communion, union, of the Sun (the sacredness
of our source, the light of loving consciousness, the peaceful presence of the holy spirit) and the Moon (the
holy mother of conception, of creation in form.)  Blessed be unity.
We have a New Moon stelliumn in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Tarsus with what else but the tumultuous
tribulations of another T-square.  Oh Baby!  How does it get any better than that?  HA HA.  (Come 2020 the
triple crown, a holy trinity of Oh Babies may make an appearance.  Popity do.  Out of the blue.  But I
digresses.)    Scorpio is “I desire”, the means, control, truth and power to manifest my desires.  Pluto rules
Scorpio and is the Shiva of planets.  If that doesn't stir our pot Uranus is in Tarsus opposing the New Moon.  
“Things” could get uncomfortable in a hurry.  Uranus may express as unexpected revolutionary chaotic crisis.  
Uranus is also the evolution of higher consciousness.  
Last but not least,  The ongoing Pluto/Saturn conjunction to the Nodal opposition is squared by Mars.  The
Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn is the transformation of responsibility, control, governance and
authority.  On a personal level this is a call for us to take responsibility for the transformation of our state of
conscious awareness.  Mars is the warrior.   The North Node in Cancer is the destiny of the unconditional
luminous love of seeing our Self in all that is.  Relax, release, surrender and remember we are spiritual beings
having a human experience.  
The New Moon this month occurs on October 27, 2019 at 11:38 pm EDT.  In a chart located in Washington,
DC the Moon conjuncts the Sun at 4 Scorpio 25 and in an opposition to Uranus retrograde at 4 Taurus 36.  
Scorpio energy is very strong with this New Moon with 4 planets in Scorpio.  Mercury is conjunct Venus also in
this sign of transformation and change.  It is a time of eliminating old emotional baggage as secrets come out
to be seen by everyone.  At times compulsions and obsessions are forced to be dealt with an open honesty
and forgiveness.  The negative side of this Scorpio energy in opposition to Uranus brings taking risks to gain
power.  Sudden destructive urges, suspicions, revenge and power struggles will have to be looked at for the
source or core of the fear that causes it.  Money, taxes, debts and business contracts are challenging now.  
Invest time in getting things paid up to date.  Something you have forgotten could leave you short this month.  
Mars is continuing its transit through Libra and is squaring the nodes and will square the Saturn/Pluto
conjunction in Capricorn into the first week of November.  This is hard energy to control and bring to
usefulness.  Deal with anger or aggressive thoughts so they don’t get you carried away into difficult
relationships with others.  The emotional arousal with this aspect is most likely to be projected out of your self
on to others.  This will begin quickly to accelerate frustration with situations that need unagitated, calm and
peaceful transition.   Going within to the core of the fear through meditation and stillness can bring many
opportunities of letting go of and forgiving the thoughts and actions that get expressed quickly, explosively.  

The interpretation for a Sabian Symbol below is taken from Diana E. Roche’s book Sabian Symbols: A Screen
of Prophesy.

SCORPIO 5 A massive, rocky shore.
THEME: A Firm Foundation. This symbol speaks to the reassuring effect that solid and lasting or permanent
things have on the lives of men.  The image of a massive, rocky shore symbolizes hardiness, durability, and
safe harbor or security. The shore itself alludes to water and emotions.  The suggestion here is that inner
strength, or psychological fitness, is the foundation and basis of a stable outer life. On a practical level, this
symbol can refer to the rock—of—Gibraltar or pillar-of—strength qualities found in those individuals who are
recognized for their ability to stay calm and collected- in even the most challenging or volatile of situations.  
Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents strength of character, dependability and persistence. Negative:
Dogmatism, stubbornness and resistance to change.
During this New Moon Cycle the accent is on security. You could be looking for something solid and
dependable to hold on to today.  Your greatest advantage lies in being pragmatic and practical. Make sure all
your foundations are stable. Focus on the physical.  Guard against being uncompromising and stubborn, or
refusing to cooperate. It’s better to bend than be broken.
KEYWORDS: Foundation, dependability, reliability, sustainment, firmness, stability, endurance, permanence,
strength, conservativeness, stubbornness.

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Love and Blessings
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